The subject of this writing is John George Maledon. He was born May 11, 1787 in Insheim, Bavaria1 (Germany). His father was John George Maledon, his mother was Margaret Sitter. They were married March 3, 1783 in Insheim. John George and Margaret also had a daughter, Anna Maria Maledon, and two sons, Gottfried and John Maledon. George married Mariam Elizabeth Messmer June 20, 1809 in Insheim. This is not the famous hangman George Maledon; he is discussed on page 71.

George and his family arrived in New York City on June 17, 1835, aboard the steamship Thomas Dickason, which departed from Le Havre de Grasse, France. The passenger list shows their ages as George (47), Eliza (46), Adam (18), John (15), Francis (13), and Jacob (5). The exact date they came to Detroit is not known, but Wayne County land records show George owned property in Detroit in October 1835.

My research shows all Maledons now living in Michigan are descendants of Adam Maledon; this is the family we will deal with most of the time. Jacob was also married; I believe he has no living descendants.

The 1840 Detroit Census lists George Muleton heading a family of six. Individual names were not listed until the 1850 Census, but the age and sex listed for each person corresponds to the passenger list. There is one male 50-59 (George), one female 50-59 (Elizabeth), one male 20-39 (Adam), two males 15-19 (John and Francis), and one male 5-9 (Jacob). Adam became a citizen of the United States September 14, 1844; John became a citizen October 28, 1844. George became a citizen on November 2, 1844; there is no listing for Frank or Jacob. Adam married Gertrude Kischner in 1845. Elizabeth died April 17, 1850.

The 1850 Wayne County Census lists Adam Malledin, his wife (both born in Germany), and three children (all born in Michigan): Adam (31), Lydia (27), Elizabeth (4), son Jacob (2), and Carolin (2 months). Residing with them are his father and two of his brothers (all born in Germany): George (66), Frank (25), and Jacob (19). John is not listed in this or any later Michigan census. Francis died January 1, 1852. Jacob is listed as John J. in 1859 Wayne County land records with his wife Elizabeth. Wayne County Probate Court Record #2177 states, "Adam Maledon was appointed guardian to George Maledon (spendthrift) on June 4, 1854." Wayne County Land Records state on August 15, 1859, "John J. Maledon (of Detroit) purchased from George Maledon, right and title to lot 39 on Mullet Farm on Fort Street in Detroit, with agreement that said J. Maledon support, maintain and keep the said George Maledon during his natural life." The 1860 Wayne County Census should then list John J. Maledon, his wife Elizabeth, their children (if any), and his father living on Fort Street; I can find no such listing. There are two John Maledons from Bavaria living together, but not on Fort Street. One is 75 (which could be George), the other is 32. I assume Elizabeth had died, and there were no children.

The 1860 Wayne County Census also lists Adam Maledon (42, born in Bavaria). His wife is listed as Elizabeth (37, France). The census also lists their children (all born in Michigan): Jacob (12), Adam Jr. (6), Peter (3), and Victoria (2 1/2). The 1860 Census also lists Maria Male-ton (5), living with Caspar Berger (53, from Bavaria) and his family.

St. Mary's Catholic Church in Detroit has a record of John George Moledon from Insheim, Bavaria who died of old age January 14, 1862, and was buried in Mt. Elliot Cemetery in Detroit. Church records list his age as 76 years and 2 months, while the Detroit Board of Health lists it as 70 years. Baptismal records from Germany would put his age at 75 years, 6 months.

The 1870 Wayne County Census lists Adam Mollotin (53, Bavaria) married to Gertrude (45, France). Their children are: John (19, who was listed as son Jacob in 1860), Adam (15), Peter (11), Victoria (9), Matthew (8), Alexander (6), and Carl (1). Maria Maleton (15), is still living with Caspar Berger. Adam's brother Jacob is not listed in this or any later Michigan Census.

The 1880 Wayne County Census lists Adam Mallesn (65, Bavaria) married to Gertrude (57, France). Their children are: Adam (25), Peter (22), Matthew (18), Alexander (16), Charles (11), and Victoria (18). Adam's son John J. (30) is listed with wife Josephine (30) and children Jacob (7), Ida May (5), and Annie G. (2).

The 1890 Census was destroyed in a fire. The 1900 Wayne County Census lists Adam Mallesn Sr. (83, Germany), and Gertrude (75, Germany). Adam Jr. (46), Victoria (39), and Matthew (37) are living with them. Jacob (52) is listed with Josephine (51), Jacob (27), and Gertrude (22). Peter (40) is listed with Mary (26), Gertrude (7), and Raymond (4). Charles (31) is listed with Ida (29), Ida (7), Lillie (6), Florence (6), Silvia (3), and Clarence (1). Mary (Maria) Maledon is listed incorrectly as Mary M. Burger. Alexander is not listed in this or any later Michigan Census.

The 1910 Wayne County Census lists Adam (57) living alone (Adam and Gertrude have died). John J (61) is listed with Josephine (59), and Raymond (14), Harold (10), and Edward (6). Matthew (46) is listed with his wife Julia (32), and children Helen (4) and George (2). Charles (41) is listed with Ida (37), Ida (17), Lillian (16), Florence (16), Sylvia (13), Clarence (11), and Leona (6). John J.'s son Jacob (37) is listed with Evelyn (38) and William (5). Mary Maledon is again listed as Mary M. Burger.

The 1920 Wayne County Census again shows Adam (66) living alone. John J. and Victoria have died. John J.'s son Jacob (46) is listed with Evelyn (44) and William (13). Peter (63) is listed with Mary (48), Raymond (23), Harold (19) and Edward (17). Peter's daughter Gertrude (26) is married to Richard Graul. Matthew (57) is listed with Julia (39), Catherine (14), George (12), and Mary (8). Charles (51), is living with his daughter Ida (27), her husband Alexander Cuthbertson, his daughter Leona (16), and Dorothy Maledon (8). This is Dorothy Krahn, Lillian's daughter from her first marriage. Florence (25) is married to John Cuthbertson (nephew of Alexander). Lillian (25) is married to Arthur Steiger. I cannot find Gertrude Ann (John's daughter) or Sylvia (Charles' daughter) in the census. Mary Maledon (65) is living with her uncles Joseph and Caspar Berger. Also in the 1920 Census is Ruthe V. Maledon (2), living with Minnie Ruthenberg (38).

At the time of this writing (1994), the 1920 Census is the most recent Census we are allowed to view.


1 Insheim was in Bavaria in the early 1800's. It is now in Rhineland-Pfalz, Germany.


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