(Unless otherwise noted, all information on these pages is taken from the records of St. Michael Catholic Church in Insheim (pronounced Inns-hime), Pfalz, Germany. Some of the birth dates listed may be baptismal dates. All names in Catholic church records are in Latin, such as Johannes and Georgious. I have changed these to English, However, some of the names could be a variety of names. Maria in Latin could be Maria in English, or Marie, or Mary. Carl could be Charles.

John Jacob Maledon married Juliana Kolbin April 21, 1747 in Insheim. He was from Weißenburg, Germany. His father was Peter Maledon; I do not know his mother's name.

I. John Adam Maledon was born June 29, 1748 in Insheim.

II. John Maledon was born in 1749 in Insheim.

III. John George Maledon was born October 22, 1758 in Insheim. He married Margaret Sitter March 3, 1783 in Insheim. John died December 1, 1830 in Insheim.

A. Maria Francis Maledon was born September 3, 1783. She died September 4, 1783.

B John Maledon was born July 25, 1784 in Insheim. I believe he died in 1791.

C. John George Maledon was born May 5, 1787. He was baptized May 11, 1787 in Insheim. He married Elizabeth Maria Messmer June 6, 1809. (page 5)

D. Franz Carl Maledon was born August 1, 1790 in Insheim.

E. Gottfried Maledon was born July 19, 1791 in Insheim.

F. Anna Maria Maledon was born October 10, 1792 in Insheim. She died April 23, 1823 in Insheim.

1. John George Maledon was born January 21, 1821. He was illegitamite, and the father is listed as unknown.

G. Gottfried Maledon was born July 19, 1796 in Insheim. He married Maria Eva Kroeper January 31, 1826 in Insheim. (page 18)

H. John Maledon was born March 15, 1799 in Insheim. He was baptized March 17, 1799. He married Catherine Dörrzaph. This is the hangman's father. (page 71)

IV. John Maledon was born July 20, 1765 in Insheim. He married Mary Anna Mohrin June 15, 1789 in Insheim.

A. Maria Magdalena Maledon was born April 1,1790 in Insheim. She was baptized April 2, 1791. She married Adam Bollinger February 1, 1812 in Insheim. She died December 31,1856.

1. John George Bollinger was born June 6, 1814 in Insheim.

2. Joseph Bollinger was born August 16, 1816 in Insheim.

3. Margaret Bollinger was born March 19, 1819 in Insheim.

4. Eva Elizabeth Bollinger was born March 30, 1830 in Insheim.

5. Magdalena Bollinger was born July 20, 1831 in Insheim. She died September 8, 1838 in Insheim.

B. Elizabeth Maledon was born March 3, 1792 in Insheim. She was baptized March 4, 1792. She married John Jacob Weber April 20, 1812 in Insheim.

C. Margaret Maledon was born March 30, 1796 in Insheim. She married John Karg June 5, 1819 in Insheim.

D. Anna Maria Maledon was born August 5,1801 in Insheim. She married John Adam Foeth February 15,1830 in Insheim. She died May 9, 1858.

E. Joseph Maledon was born April 15, 1799. He married Anna Maria Weber January 31, 1825 in Insheim. (See page 15)